Wedding FAQS

What does your wedding package include?

Each collection includes a personal consultation, an engagement session, 2 photographers, and rights to the edited, ready-to-print images.  Our base package is scale-able to fit as many hours of coverage as you need  -- I guarantee I'll be able to provide a package that fits your needs! :) Please contact me for further details on my availability, investment details and to see all the awesome a la carte options! 

Do you photograph destination weddings?

Absolutely!  I LOVE to travel -- my bags are always packed! ;) After I get some details from you about when + where, then I can give you a custom quote.  :)


Lifestyle FAQS

What is a lifestyle session?

To me, "lifestyle session" means we capture you in your current stage of life!  That could mean that your kids may not be looking at the camera or smiling in every shot -- and that's ok!  :)  I want to capture the candid moments as well as the classic poses!  My goal is to make you feel as relaxed as possible so that your family's true essence is captured. Remember, its my job to make you look fabulous, and your job is to have FUN!  :)

What is included in a lifestyle session?

Each collection includes a personal consultation for us to get to know each other, a 45 minute or 2 hour session on location and rights to the 30+ edited, ready-to-print images.  Please contact me for further details on my availability and your investment options! :)

Where will our lifestyle session take place?

If you have a great yard or someplace special in mind, that's absolutely on the table.  If you don't have a preference, I'll give you a choice between a more nature-y OR urban-ish, and then I'll take it from there!  I'll definitely choose a place guaranteed to have good backgrounds, lighting and proximity to you!  :) 

Can we bring snacks or toys for the kids?

Please do!  Happy kids look best in pictures ;)  We can definitely take snack breaks -- and I am not above bribing for a good smile!

What should we wear???

If you don't know where to start in picking outfits, during our consultation we can definitely discuss outfit ideas, but just know we want you to feel comfortable and natural! Coordination is good, but not too matchy-matchy! Neutrals with a pop of color works really well.  :)

If you're struggling I can send you links with all sorts of outfit "pinspiration" -- I'm full of great ideas! ;)

What do we do if someone in the fam gets sick the week of the session?

Hey, stuff happens right?  If anyone is sick, or a serious emergency arises, all I ask is that you contact me as soon as possible to reschedule for the next available date. :)


Senior FAQS

What should I wear???

If you don't even know where to start, it may be helpful to think about what vibe you want in your photos -- that may help narrow down outfit ideas.  For example, would you prefer formal or casual? artsy? hipster? beachy?  

Need outfit inspiration?  Pinterest is a great resource!  I am also very happy to help by sending links and recommendations from outfit and hair ideas, to the best places to get hair and makeup done, if that's your speed!  :)

Where will my senior session take place?

If you have somewhere special in mind, I can work with that!  If not, I'll let you choose between a more nature-y OR urban-ish, and I'll take it from there!  It'll be a place guaranteed to have good backgrounds, lighting and proximity to you!  :) 

What happens at a senior session?

When you arrive (at our pre-determined location) for your session, you are welcome to come solo or to bring along a parent, friend, or sibling—whatever will make you feel most comfortable!  2 hours is our standard time allotment, and we recommend no more than 1 outfit change each 45 minutes to maximize our shooting time! :)

I am also totally open to adding more time and additional locations -- contact me for a customized rate!


Random Questions

What time of day is best for pictures?

1-2 hours before sunset is PRIME, and I will always aim for that time slot!  If there's no way that will ever work for you, we will find some delicious shade to keep the harsh overhead sun off your lovely faces.  :)

Do you take on other projects?

I LOVE to collaborate (styled shoots, head shots, events, etc.) and am open to discussing projects of any scope! :)

Do you do your own printing?

Once your images are perfectly curated and edited, you will be emailed a link to your online gallery.  You can order prints of any size or even canvases (and more!) right from there -- how awesome and simple is that???  They will arrive right at your door --  no middle-man required!  :)


More questions?

If you still have questions that are unanswered, please don't hesitate to get in touch! I’m happy to answer any and all questions :)